FurReal Friends Furry Frenzies City Center Play Set - B00393I3IG
FurReal Friends Furry Frenzies City Center Play Set - B00393I3IG

FurReal Friends Furry Frenzies City Center Play Set - B00393I3IG

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  • Dress her up with hat, sunglasses, collar and clip accessories and she'll be happy to show off her stuff

  • Cute playset is the perfect place for your Furry Frenzies figures to zoom, spin and dress up

  • Figure pushes the ball around, sign spins when figures zooms past and gate opens for race right through

  • She'll zip and zoom all over

  • Playset comes with Tizzy Tumbles figure, 12 accessories, label sheet and instructions

  • Furreal Cutie Scooties Big Pet Playset


    With the FurReal Furry Frenzies Scoot and Scurry City, your child can give a Furry Frenzy toy a fun place to zoom around. With features like swinging gates, ramps, tunnels, and even a beauty parlor, the Scoot and Scurry play set will keep your child's imagination engaged for hours. A special edition Furry Frenzy bunny named Tizzy Tumbles will scurry and giggle along as your child plays. Recommended for children ages 3 and up, this play set gives kids a fun outlet for imaginative play.

    Furry Frenzies
    Scoot & Scurry City

    Ages: 3 years and up

    Requires: 2 AAA batteries (not included); Philips screwdriver for battery installation

    What We Think
    Fun factor:
    Ease of assembly:
    Educational factor:
    Novelty factor:

    The Good: Play set and electronic toy pet offer an innovative option for imaginative play

    The Challenging: Assembly is easy but may require a bit of patience due to number of pieces

    In a Nutshell: Charming play city makes a fun, entertaining setting for Furry Frenzy toys

    Your child's imagination will be engaged for hours as Tizzy Tumbles scurries along on his city adventure. View larger.
    A City Adventure for Furry Frenzies
    The charming Scoot and Scurry City features all-plastic construction in bright pastels, with tracks to scurry over, gates that swing open, and tunnels to zoom through. There's even a circular play park with a dangling ball that a Furry Frenzy can push around with its nose. Furry Frenzies can make a stop at the Furry Fashions Boutique, where they can be dressed up with plastic accessories, including a hat, hair clips, sunglasses, and necklaces.

    Meet Tizzy Tumbles
    The Scoot and Scurry City play set comes with one Furry Frenzy--a cute bunny named Tizzy Tumbles. Like all Furry Frenzies, Tizzy is a furry, battery-operated, palm-sized pet that zooms along on hidden wheels. Press its nose to hear it squeak and giggle, or press its back to get Tizzy moving. Tizzy will scurry up and down the track, zoom through tunnels and around the park, knock over buckets, and stop every once in a while to sniff and take in its surroundings.

    If Tizzy escapes the Scoot and Scurry City through one of the gates, Tizzy will continue its adventuring around the house, backing up if it bumps its nose and cannot move forward. Like all Furry Frenzies, Tizzy is programmed to scurry for up to two minutes, and will go to "sleep" if it isn't reactivated after that time.

    Innovative and Charming Way to Play
    Furry Frenzies offer a cute and fun outlet for kids' imaginations, and the Scoot and Scurry City adds to the creative fun. Children who already own other Furry Frenzies can add them to the Scoot and Scurry City action, engage in role-playing, and simply have fun watching the pets scurry and bump into each other.

    Scurrying Tips
    Furry Frenzies work best on a smooth surface. They will run on carpet with a very low pile, but our tester found that they don't go as quickly on carpet as on hard floors. This toy can get tangled in long carpet and in hair, so children should be supervised when playing.

    Easy Assembly
    Assembly of the Scoot and Scurry City is a small challenge. Each portion of the city is separately packaged with all of its parts, and easy-to-follow diagrams make the assembly simple. Applying the 50 decorative stickers will require some patience, but luckily, older kids will have fun assisting in this portion of the assembly.

    What's in the Box
    Scoot and Scurry City with 50 assorted pieces, 12 dress-up accessories, Tizzy Tumbles Furry Frenzy pet, and instructions.

    TIZZY TUMBLES bounces around the city.

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    FurReal Friends Furry Frenzies City Center Play Set - B00393I3IG